Return of the legend, opening of the new restaurant Pavilion.

We are pleased to invite you to our new "Pavilion"! Place loved by many, keeps up with the times and opens the doors after the re-branding!

A talented young chef Vitaly Kovalev is responsible for the kitchen. He presents Russian, European and Asian cuisine in a new author`s view. So, as a cold starter Vitaly offers to taste Salad of the duck liver with pears and cranberries (450 r.), Benedict with salted salmon and hollandaise sauce (480 r.), Salad with spicy tongue (550 r.).

Continue with Pumpkin soup with ricotta and smoked butter (350r.), which is neighbor in the menu with the traditional for Russian cuisine, but with addition of new ingredients Borsch with bull tails and beans (450r.). Hot dishes are also very diverse: Risotto with black chanterelles (650r.), Pike-perch with home lecho and green beans (750r.), Squid with kim-chi and noodles (650 r.), Veal cheeks with couscous and celery (650 r ). Also worth noting separately - fillet of deer in veal fat (1200r.), which will be prepared in front of guests.

Cocktail menu - another innovation in "Pavilion". Mixologist Dmitry Polehin developed several signature cocktails for the restaurant. Cocktail #patrikini (570 r.) a combination of whiskey, red vermouth and lime juice, Pond` amia "(450 r.) a mix of gin, vermouth and liqueur with peach," Siberian bonus "(450 r. ) of vodka, paprika and rosemary, as well as "Rosy Martha" (450 r.) - unison of vodka, beets, ginger, lime juice and honey.

The new look of the restaurant is designed by Vlad Andreev (architecture & design studio DBA-group). The interior became a more modern and cozy space with the quintessence of classic and modern: minimalist gray materials and fabrics in the interior are combined with elements such as stained-glass mirror with an imitation of classical architecture, light bulbs Edison add modern and contemporary element to the luxury vintage chandeliers.

Particular attention is paid to a limited collection of paintings-collages, created by photographer Sergey Maltsev, in collaboration with a famous European photographer Sophia Gordeeva. The paintings are made in the style of constructivism and create a unique metaphysical atmosphere in the restaurant. The idea of creating paintings-collages came to the photographer during one of the walks in the Patriarch's Ponds, when he saw how harmonically the unusual, different people fit into the mystical atmosphere of one of the oldest parts of Moscow. Series of author`s posters has become a unique art collection. "Everyone sees in them something of their own, their history related to the Patriarch`s ponds", - says Sergey.

From the menu:
- Back of salmon with horseradish sauce and sockeye caviar (480r).
- Seafood with crispy salad and vinaigrette sauce (890r.)
- Croissant with stewed duck and cloudberries (650r.)
- Duck pie with cheese and spinach (450r.)
- Salmon belly in honey glaze with asparagus and broth (750 r.)
- Beef Stroganoff with potato cream and pickles in fried celery root (750r.)
- Rabbit stewed in cream sauce with pasta orecchiette (790r.)
- Gingerbread parfait with elderberry sauce (450r.)
- Cherry pie (300r.)

Total area: 200 square meters
First floor: 113 square meters
Second floor: 87 square meters
Total number of seats: 110
First floor: 55 seats
Second floor: 55 seats

The summer terrace is open from May to September and can accommodate 70 guests.

The average bill: 1500 rubles

On November 1, the restaurant Pavilion will have free delivery for the Patriarch's Ponds area for the orders of 950 rubles and more.

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