The sights, sounds and tastes of the best of Soviet high society!

In the beginning of March 2011 the Restaurant "Pavilion", which occupies an impressive mansion in Patriarchs Ponds, opened its doors after a renovation which not only went as far as a total redesign of the interior but most importantly, a complete makeover of the concept and style of the place. "We decided that in such an historic place a restaurant of Russian cuisine with elements from the Soviet era is a must "- said Kirill Gusev, co-owner and inspirer of the "Restaurant Syndicate" company.

The restaurant menu includes such hits of the era as famous salads like "Capital" and "Mimosa", dressed herring, pies and pancakes with various fillings, dumplings, cabbage rolls, Pozharskaya chicken cutlet, Ministers schnitzel, ice cream with chocolate chip and many other delicious offerings.

The interior uses high Soviet style as the designer, Helen Turin planned. But rather than making an exact replica it gives a feel and atmosphere of the times, giving guests an overall and eclectic visual experience. Much of this comes from the classicism and empire periods. Every detail of the interior creates a sense of comfort and returns us to the good old days, creating the atmosphere of warm and pleasant nostalgia, which we feel when watching old Soviet movies.

Average check: from 1500 rub
Cuisine: Soviet
Capacity: 80 seats
Hours: 12.00-00.00
Address: 7, Bolshoi Patriarshy pereulok
Tel. +7 495 697 51 10

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